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We had a busy weekend, too many parties and festivals to attend. I’m pretty wiped out!

It was a gorgeous Saturday when we headed to Everett for Ali’s Dad’s 80th birthday party. Her family is a trip, some really fun stories abound there. LOL We hung out with them along with Saysha & Joe. Ali’s brother Dennis had made some pulled pork and it was pretty darn good. After a couple of hours of numerous belly laughs, great company and big hugs to Dad Gilmore, we were off to our next soiree in Edmunds.

It was the 3rd Annual Rosewood Manor Pig Roast—I had missed the other 2, but we made it to this one. And it was fabulous. They had buried the pig in the ground Hawaiian style and it was so tender the meat just fell off the pig. It was YUMMY! Along with the pig they also had a bluegrass band. Turns out there are quite a few southern transplants in Seattle, and thank god they brought the pig pickin tradition with them. Robert thought it was funny that he could find such a thing here in Washington stated. =) Everybody watched as they dug the pig up and dished it all out. I ate so much I felt like I was going to pop. The band was great, playing all kinds of things—Guns & Roses and Michael Jackson played in a bluegrass fashion is quite entertaining! And if you didn’t think you had had enough pig, Robert got the bright idea to go get stuff to make s’mores. Everybody was whacking of branches from the bushes to roast marshmallows! LOL I had one bite, nothing else was fitting in my tummy!

Sunday it rained in the morning and was pretty gray and misty the rest of the day, but we headed over to the International District for the Chinatown Summer Festival. There wasn’t too much out there, there was probably more yesterday—looked like it anyway. We wandered a bit and then went to a Chinese/Cambodian noodle place for lunch. Then I took Robert over to the Uwajimaya market. He’s really enjoying all of the grocery options around here! And Linda – you know how I love to wander through the Asian markets. =)

Some pictures below of the weekend – my tummy will never be the same. Definitely need to hit the gym between Roberts cooking and all of our outings—because I am not going to by a bigger size pants, especially since I just gave them all away a few months back!


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