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Here is the official final wrap up of the Road Trip state by state.

Idaho ~ best drive around a lake on the interstate.

Montana ~ best state to scare cows by singing 70s hits with the stereo blaring and the top down

North Dakota ~ I like South Dakota better. Apparently the guy that invented Mr. Bubble bubble bath is from ND, the only known substance I am allergic to since I was little. LOL

Minnesota ~ Suicidal frogs (but Suicidal Blondes is the sound-track). Beautiful drives.

Iowa ~ Casino at the welcome station.

Nebraska ~ Tammy pulling out into oncoming traffic by accident and then quickly saving us by pulling into a parking lot. I laughed and giggled all the way back to the hotel. LOL

Kansas ~ I think I actually didn’t go into Kansas the state when I drove through Kansas City—if I did, it was just a second.

Missouri ~ One day I’m stopping at the St. Louis arch. I say that every time.

Illinois ~ Wait-what? I was in Illinois?

Kentucky ~ Stopped to buy lottery tickets and a drink. The gorgeous biker guy in front of me realized he was holding me up discussing a 50¢ piece he got in SD and paid for all of my stuff. Super nice and did I say gorgeous? So much so it didn’t occur to me to take a pic or get his name in case I won. LOL

Tennessee ~ Billboards for Moonshine

North Carolina ~ Grilled cheese of pimento cheese and fried green tomatoes…why have I never had that before??

Georgia ~ The state that tried to trap me. I swear it felt like it took forever to get out of this state. Of course I also went through it twice.

Florida ~ The bottom fell out of the sky and I couldn’t see more than a few feet in front of me so I decided to pull over. I got behind a 18-wheeler to follow it off the road. As soon as we did the rain lifted and I realized I was following him through a weigh station. I just laughed and waved as we went through.

South Carolina ~ What can I say, its Home and the beach always leaves me happy.

Alabama ~ What do you mean you don’t have a lottery? You have scratch offs & Casinos.

Mississippi ~ Ditto Alabama and you can totally tell when you leave Alabama and hit Mississippi on I-22—its almost like there is a switch you drive over that changes everything on the other side of the state line.

Arkansas ~ I-40…What the hell for first 80 miles, I thought the potholes would shake my car apart. But then a pleasant surprise for the rest of the drive. So pretty.

Oklahoma ~ The only state I drove through that tells you what Indian Nations you are in as you drive.- Cherokee, Creek, Musgokee, Okmulgee, Kickapoo, etc.

Texas ~ Just what I thought it’d be like—flat. A LOT of cars seem to be in need of some body repair. This makes me nervous.

New Mexico ~ Its full of enchanted peppers. And I was bummed when it rained while I was in Santa Fe and didn’t get to wander around.

Arizona ~ 117 degrees makes your skin feel like it is being seared off your body.

California ~ So diverse in landscape and so tragic from the drought. And don’t decide to hit Napa Valley at the last minute on a Saturday unless you have bookoos of bucks for a place to stay. LOL

Oregon ~ What do you mean I can’t pump my own gas???

Washington ~ Unbelievably had the dirtiest and most disgusting rest stop of the entire trip. And also the first place I had to put the top up and get the sweatshirt out since I started the trip 6 weeks before.

Thats a brief recap of each state… now on to the next adventure. =)


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