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My month has come to an end and I’ll be heading home tomorrow, but I just wanted to give you my perspective on my holiday.

Everyone had been asking me where were we going while we were in Ireland, and several people provided the usual suggestions of the Blarney Stone, Cliffs of Moher, and various castles and ruins—some we went to and most we didn’t. Quite frankly I was castled, cliffed and ruined out by the end of the first week. By the end of the second week I had pretty much put away my camera and I just decided to enjoy the ride.

Out of all the towns we went to and places we saw, what I am going to remember most are the people we met along the way and the laughs with my various traveling partners—Ali, Shannon, Saysha and Brenda. A random sampling of which are:

  • Mastering mini-roundabouts, regular roundabouts, and the ever-sly, double-roundabout with Ali at the wheel.
  • Poker night in Dingle where by luck, I won—but know that some day in the future Ned is going to give me my comeuppance. And laughing with Shannon at Ali’s “prowess” at poker…”I thought it looked like it would be a good hand”
  • The daily stops at Oliver’s while we were staying in Cleggan, where the ladies (Noreen and Tina) would ask what we were up to or where we had been and would provide color commentary on what they thought about it.
  • Tina offering her 10 year-old son and his mates to take Ali fishing at the end of the pier when she said she hoped to go fishing—and the subsequent trip.
  • The blank stare at the girl that spoke to us in Irish (aka Gaelic) and wondering why no one told me I needed to learn another language to visit Ireland.
  • Driving through Connor Pass—the epitome of scary Irish roads—and Ali saying “Why would Brenda make me come this way?” after I told her there was another way into to town on a major road. FYI-Brenda did it so we could see the view—and it was a fabulous view.
  • Brenda’s uncanny ability to know-all—and actually she really does! And the fact that she was stalking us one day in Lahinch. LOL
  • The ferry ride to Inishbofin where the waves were as BIG AS THE BOAT! I’m not joking—we were rocking and rolling but with a very competent seaman making sure we stayed on the boat—right Ali? 😉
  • That first night in Lahinch—which is actually still a little fuzzy for me…. LOL
  • The Spinnaker Bar in Lahinch—with Pat, the owner at the helm, such a lovely man with a big smile and generous soul. The bartender Richard, whom I’ll always remember the evening after the bar closed and we were still sitting around with everyone playing “What’s the most embarrassing thing you’ve ever done”
  • Seanie and Duckie (aka Roger) who said to Ali – “Go get ye ukele” which was the beginning of a fabulous few nights and friends to keep.
  • Petting sheep and llamas and watching Saysha talking with the turkeys—video to come. LOL

So what I’m really trying to say is—if all I did was go to see the “sights” I would have missed the best parts of my holiday. Think about that when you holiday abroad—trust me when I tell you that someone else has probably taken a better picture of the Cliffs of Moher than you probably will and there are actually more spectacular cliffs off the beaten path—just ask and let the holiday unfold.


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