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After putting David through his paces of helping me pack and unpack and organize. He finally asked me to do something for him in return. I knew I was going to have to say yes to whatever it was, so I was prepared for the worst. The request: attend a Fleetwood Mac concert with him in NJ, that he had bought tickets for – all I had to do was get to NYC and go with him to the concert. Man, if all request were that bad…life would be incredible! LOL



What a great concert! We had tremendous seats only about 12 rows back from the stage – the whole band was there minus Christie McVee. David had a cheesy grin on his face for the entire time – FM is one of his favorite bands of all time. It was really great because they weren’t promoting a new album so they just played their greatest hits and some of their personal favorites, it was fabulous. I don’t remember the last time I went to a live concert.

I hope all of his requests in the future are just as horrible 😉


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