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Jørgen & Uli

Jørgen & Uli

Jørgen and Uli came down from NYC to spend the night before a Ballroom competition on Saturday. It was great to see them both, although it was a short visit. They didn’t get in til 1am, so it was straight to bed when they got in. 

In the morning we got to visit for a bit before I had to head to an appointment while they got all gussied up to head to the competition. They headed on over and I took the metro a while later to meet them there for moral support. Unfortunately I miscalculated how long it would take on the Metro so I missed their first dance, but I caught the next. The danced the Waltz, Foxtrot, Tango, and Quickstep.  It was all very fun to watch. I was getting a major kick out of the event.

Some of these people you’d think were actually performing for some huge crowds with their exaggerated  bowing. OMG, these bows, so over the top, I wish I had videotaped some of them. GEEZ!!!!!  All of the colors of the dresses and sparkles everywhere – oh my!  

I do want one of those dresses just so I can twirl around in my living room though. LOL  Like when I was little and you just want to spin around til you make yourself sick~ except do it a flowey dress that just swirls with you. I don’t know why – I just do. =)


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