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I’m almost NEVER dreaming of a White Christmas. Give me a warm Christmas anyday and I am happy. And lucky me – its going to be in the 70s in Myrtle Beach while I am home for Christmas.

Now, I do have to admit I like having a white Christmas every now again—maybe once every 10 years. Then its SPECIAL. LOL  Like in 1989 when it snowed massively in SC. I mean it was a few feet of snow. That was crazy, and we had such a great Christmas. I drove from Charleston to Myrtle Beach – what a nightmare – in my little Honda Civic. Amazingly I got all the way there without getting stuck or anything until, of course, when I turned the corner on my parents street and Kevin Hodes talked me into pushing someone’s car with mine and I got stuck. After getting us both unstuck I had about 50 feet to go to pull into this little whole my dad dug out of the snow for my car, which I then got stuck in. LOL

Greg and I made a HUGE snow woman – a snow beach bunny. Huge boobs on her and Greg had some batik dye and we painted a purple bikini on her. All the golfers staying at the hotels on the beach were driving by and stopping to take pictures. Then we went over to the Par 3 course across Hwy 17 and started throwing snowballs and just goofing around. One word of warning – if you are running through 3 feet of snow on a golf course remember that golf courses are rolling bumps and valleys.  We were both running and suddenly Greg disappeared and I couldn’t figure out where he went until I hit a valley myself and went face first in the snow. Aaaahhh, the memories. LOL

Hhhhhmmmm, that was almost 20 years ago, I guess I’m ready for another white christmas – maybe next year the Heat Miser will let it snow in SC again. But this year – WOOOOOOOHHHHHHOOOOOOOOOOO – 70 DEGREES!!!!



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