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So yes, I went to the wine tasting here at the apartment building on 11/20. It was fun but 99% of the people there were all couples. I talked to a few people, but I spent most of the evening Chatting with Michael, who was also single. Now don’t ya’ll get excited, I’m also 99% sure he’s gay too. LOL  But we had a great time, and discussed everything and chatted for a while and exchanged apartment numbers so one day I might invite him over for some wine and cheese. Its always good to have new friends. =)

In case you are interested, there were 3 wines that were interesting:
2006 Luigi Bosca Pinot Noir – Argentina
I like Pinot Noirs and this one was really good, but its like $20/bottle, so special occasions. They paired it with a Chevre with cranberries & cinnamon that was really good – they had it at Costco so I picked some up along with a more cost efficient $8 Pinot – LOL  Hope its as good as the other. I’ll let you know when I open it.

2005 Tangley Oaks Chardonnay – Santa Barbara, CA
I’m not a huge chardonnay fan, I find them to be too “oakey” for the most part. But this one was mellow and I liked it. Again it was in the $20 range too.

2007 Miguel Torres Vina Esmerelda – Spain
This is a blend of Muscat & Gewurztraminer, it was very fruity and refreshing. I felt like it should be sparkling for some reason. Not sure how much it was – but they all seemed to be on the pricier side.


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