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I had a great Thanksgiving weekend. I really didn’t do a whole heck of a lot, but I enjoyed it none the less.

Thursday I went to the Smithsonian Art Museum and I was there for about 3 hours. When I came out I realized that I had only gone through the West Building, there was a whole nother EAST building. HHmmm, I figure all the modern art must be on that side because there was only up to the 19th century in the building I was in. I wasn’t feeling another 3 hours of art at the moment so I decided to walk up to the recently reopened American History Museum. After a brief visit there I walked around a bit, and went by the Capital, White House, and walked the mall up to the Lincoln Memorial. Finally I headed home. I will do separate posts about my exploring this week, I didn’t want to overload ya’ll in one post, so look for those later this week. =)

Friday Karen was going to come see me for the rest of the weekend, but she had to cancel. She has had a rough year, so I’ll let her off the hook. So I debated going out into the madness that is Black Friday, and decided on tactical moves instead. I went to Crate and Barrel because I had been eyeing this floor sample chair they had marked 50% off and I was hoping they would mark it down more. No such luck, but I still wanted it, so I bought it and a really nice hutch, which turned out to be the last one so I go the floor sample of that too and they marked it down another 20%, woohoo!!! I did some freelancing before I left Seattle, so that should cover the cost for it. And yes that is an ORANGE chair. I needed a punch of color. They will be delivered in 2 weeks.

Then it was over to Costco, I was surprised that it wasn’t that busy, I guess alot of people had to work Friday – or they were all at Best Buy – LOL. I needed to pick up a few more books, I have been reading a lot since I still don’t have a TV – and I must say I still haven’t missed having one. So far I have read The Alchemist, The Soloist, There Eyes Were Watching God, The Last Lecture, At First Sight, and Wicked since I have been in the apartment. I picked up about 5 more books. (A note to some of you, you might find some of the books I just mentioned in your stocking at Christmas.)

Saturday – Finally my new sofa was supposed to be delivered. I muddled around in the apartment, I still have a lot to get put away and organized. The movers called because they couldn’t find me. 14th Road South really isn’t on any map since my apartment building is the only thing on 14th Road South and it and the road are brand new. After telling them I was next to Costco, they figured it out. In came the sofa, then my free ottoman/coffee table. They asked if I wanted them to leave the ottoman in the box, apparently a lot of people are selling theirs on Ebay because they don’t have room for it. But I wanted mine. Then they were back in the hall with the last box that was supposed to be the floating chaise piece. Guess what? It wasn’t it. It was some other round striped ottoman. UGH! So I have to wait til next weekend to get the rest of the sofa. Bummer. I have 2 sofas in the apartment now, the other is on Craigslist, but no takers yet.

Today, Sunday, I have just been doing the usual running around to the grocery store, cleaning the apartment, etc. Its really yucky out today. Gray and rainy, so I’m trying to get through some boxes and take down the metro shelving in the living to get ready for the new hutch.

Hope everybody also had a great Thanksgiving weekend! I’ll post about the museums later this week. =)


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