After a little over a week into my road trip, I am already planning the next one. That one may have to wait until I retire though, because I dont think I’ll have this much time again until then.

I wanted to see friends, some that I hadn’t seen in years, and I wanted to see the country–seeing friends was the priority. After telling people I was coming to see them, then figuring out some logistics, and when I needed to be back in Seattle, I came up with an itinerary. I’m absolutely loving seeing everyone, it has been great and will continue to be fabulous as I get to the south and the driving between destinations becomes shorter, but next time, its going to be a little different.

I want to see everyone, and then some, as I drive cross-country, but now I am on a schedule. I need to make it to X so I can get to Y on time. I pass places I would have stopped, taken photos instead of just framing them in my mind, gone more on the backroads and not the interstates–there is so much in this country to see and do, I wish I could find a job that allowed me to capture it all.

I was thinking that I should have gotten a GoPro and attached it to my windshield to video everything as I drove through, that way I could put together a video that showed how beautiful everything is, and how the view changed from mountains, pastures, and arid lands, to rolling hills, forests and farmland and then randomly cycling through again.

I also wish they had smellivision. LOL  I like driving with the top down and all the things that you smell along the way: freshly cut grass, BBQ, cows, rain, and some things that I can’t figure out what they are–not bad or good, just not sure what they are. I wouldn’t mind skipping the cars and trucks that spew awful smelling fumes–I hold my breath as I pass through it.

So next time I will meander along, stop in every winery there is in Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, etc., the biggest ball of twine, the huge sculpture parks, and anything else along the way. And I’ll call you, like I did Jodi in KC, and say I’m in your neighborhood, come join me for lunch. And if we are having a good time, maybe I’ll stay for a day or two…or three. =)